testing the campaign

I tried to send a test e-mail to myself (keith@gcservices.com) and i never received it.
I want to get this newsletter out today.
Can some one contact me ASAP?


davidaf davidaf, 7 years ago

Hi Keith,

There's lots of reasons why you may not have received a test email. We did have some sending delays earlier and it could simply have been delayed. It could have been filtered at the server level or be in your email's junk folder.

Was your "from" email address the same domain? gcservices.com? Sometimes servers will filter emails that they don't recognize as sending, see this article for more info on that.

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KeithG, 7 years ago

Hi Davidaf,

I tested the e-mail @ 8 am this morning and its now 3:40 pm and still no e-mail. 
Possibly it was filered by the server but I doubt it because I sent it to 2 others in my office (jimk@gcservices.com and chad@gcservices.com) and they received it.
Only I didnt get it (keith@gcservices.com).  I am the e-mail addrss that is also sending the test e-mail. (same domain and e-mail address). 
I can howvere send myself an e-mail and the server does not screen it out...

whats left?


andreand, 7 years ago

Hi Davida,

first of all thanks for the time spent in the current post.

I have problems with the reception of the campaign I've just send.

I did test with my client and with other email addresses, a lot of test. Before sending my campaign, I also paid for the tests you offer, even, I paid twice.

Surprisingly and unfortunately for my client, at the end 21% of my clients' contacts have been bounced?!

I read the article you encourage to read, and the astonishing conclusion is:
I have to send a personal mail to each bounced contact to persuade them adding the ip's to their whitelist ...

I have 743 bounced contacts ...

So, I wonder why I have to use your tool, if the solution is to write a personal mail?!

I need a reliable explanation to calm me and my client


davidaf davidaf, 7 years ago

Hi KeithG,

Sorry I didn't see your response until now. Was your email ever delivered (sometimes the delays can be significant, I'm afraid). If not, you may be running into the issue that you sent it from your own domain. Some servers are set up to check to see if they actually sent out the email that they sent, and if it's not in the records they will reject the email as spam. You can read more about the issue here and talk to your mail admin about whitelisting our IPs for the future.

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davidaf davidaf, 7 years ago


Can you please contact us at support with details about the specific campaign? Bouncing is not the same as being filtered and whitelisting won't help in that case. We can take a look at why those names bounced and hopefully will come up with an answer that will soothe your client.

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