Split campaigns


I've been using CM for a long time now but never sent a split campaign before.

I'm looking to sent an email to around 2500 subscribers.

the email will contain a link to a survey.

I want one link to go to 50% of the subscribers and another to go to the other 50%

How do i do this? As it seems the CM split campaign option doesn't cater for this scenario, as it will only sent both emails to a small sample and then the winner to the rest, which is not what i'm looking for.


Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

Campaign Monitor's A/B testing is really for testing with a smaller percentage, and then everyone else gets the 'winner'. In your case, it would really need two separate campaigns to achieve a 50/50 split.

You'd want to create a custom field and store a '1' or '2' value in there, then segment the list using that field, and send the two campaigns.

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