Outlook2007 images scaling by the DPI Settings

I am having a problem with outlook2007 and it scaling images if windows is not at its default 96dpi.  In Windows 7 the dpi settings are optimized automatically by windows depending on what monitor you have so on my machine it decided to scale dpi to 125%.  In outlook 2007 it is using these settings to adjust the images so a 600px image becomes (600 x 125%) 750px breaking my layout because my td are fixed sizes and making the images become fuzzy. This is what my email looks like scaled Email at 125% dpi and this is what it looks like at 96dpi or 100% in Windows7 Email.

Right now I am trying to decided what would be the best practice for emails to take this into account.  I was thinking of making all images background images so outlook2007 dosn't render them, so it wont look to pretty on outlook2007 but will on all other email clients.  This is the site I found that helped me find out about the dpi problem I was having but no solutions to it yet. Problem

Thanks in advance.

afoster, 7 years ago

I've discovered this too. It's a huge problem as company's basic "header banner" (logo+tagline) template that works for all other computers now look like garbage in Windows 7. What's even more frustrating is that they scale the images 125-150% (depending on what windows 7 decided was best for your screen) but it doesn't scale fonts or any other elements. I mean font's the only thing you'd want scaled so it's easier to read on a high-res monitor, and the image quality of graphics is actually decreased when the image is scaled up.

Anyone have any ideas? I tried all the ideas posted in the comments of the link by ehomanchuk without luck.

bryanerayner, 4 years ago

I have a reverse problem. The DPI settings is resizing my fonts, breaking them into multiple lines and also ruining my layout (I have a horizontal list). If I set the width of the table AND the td's, then it resizes the table as well, making my layout not break.

Problem is, all my header images are not resizing, so it looks funny. I am trying to get them to also resize with the DPI.

I'll post anything I find, unless I just give up...

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 4 years ago

Hi bryanerayner, this is an unusual issue! Out of curiosity, could this be the result of some specific user setting (ie. setting the Reading Pane font size, or system preferences), or is it happening with all defaults? We've heard of similar things happening when the system/email client 'reading size' has been increased/decreased, but we can't be entirely sure in this case.

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