Our first Campaign Monitor campaign

Hey folks,

Have just launched our first major campaign, so after what seems like an eternity of work, I thought I'd brag a bit ;)

Not sure what the custom is for demoing CM campaigns, so I'll just link to the HTML version:


So aside from minor issues with Outlook 2007 and Lotus Notes (no surprises there), it's displaying beautifully across all of CMs test cases which is nice.

I added a few personalisation touches using custom fields also. The recipient's name and company (if they have one) are displayed, a personalised greeting is displayed, and the email signs off from either my partner or I, depending on who was marked as the sender.

We're an hour in and have had zero unsubscribes so far :)

I can see us using email extensively next year, thanks to CMs *awesome* system.

Anyway, have a good holiday everyone.


trandrus, 9 years ago

Well done! A great mixture of sleek design and email usability.

Wayde Christie Wayde Christie, 9 years ago

Thanks trandrus :) Hopefully that will be enough for me to win the Christmas Design comp!


Roscoe, 9 years ago

That's great Wayde, slick and clean. I like it.

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