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while your e-mail support is pretty awesome (although I do think it gets a bit slower every month - still rather fast), I think it would be great to have more options.

For one, immediate support via live chat would be great. These could be helpful in extremely important situations where you just need immediate help to get your campaign send right now, helping possible customers with answering pre-sales questions and helping us designers out when we are chatting with our clients and don't know the answer. I am sure that this would mean a LOT of work for you, but I love getting great, friendly and (important) fast support.

Besides that, maybe you should consider replacing the completely e-mail based support system with a ticket system. Well, I am sure you already have some kind of internal ticket system so the e-mails are basically tickets. But a list of all the support requests I opened, the status, all the answers from both me and CM in chronological order (maybe the CM ones highlighted), a neat avatar from the support guy… yeah, that would be amazing and really fun to use.

And then, you could make all that together with the Knowledge Base one HUGE support center with all kinds of options to get in touch. Then, add a bug and feedback/suggestion/idea tracker to that. Okay, that last paragraph is dreaming, I just wanted to state that I would love it. At least a bug tracker could be possible, right?

Anyway, I realize that doing all that would be a lot of work (both to implent and maintain) and that you will probably prefer working on the actual software first. I wanted to get these suggestions out though, just hoping you can realize some of them in the future. :)


Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

Thanks for the suggestions and feedback, we're definitely already monitoring other options to see if we can provide even better customer service.

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softsolutions, 6 years ago

My question is for Mathew (Campaign Monitor).

PLEASE provide live chat support. All other email marketing companies are providing this. I handle a BPO comapny and If you want you can outsource your customer care here in India at a one-tenth cost of Eurpore/United States or Australia (as low as $400 per month per person). But please provide live chat support.


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