Is there a way to set a campaign visibility per default?


I've just sent a small campaign and it occurs to me that, for a short while, it can be seen on the newsletter archive.

The thing is, it's a private campaign designed for selected individuals.

I know I can change the visibility of a campaign AFTER it's sent, in the "Reports" sections, but is there a way (perhaps a client's setting) to make it "Hidden from clients" per default, or in the setting of a campaign?

If not, put that on the wish list for me please! ^_^

PS: On a side note, it is not the Reports that are visible to clients (through mail archive), but the campaign itself... perhaps this could be clarified?

davidaf davidaf, 7 years ago

Hi Nickolas,

Unfortunately there's not a way to set the default to hidden. And, at the moment, the two functionalities are tied together, if you hide it in the archives it will hide the reports from the client as well. I'll definitely make a note of the wish for the ability to set the default to Hidden.

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NickoLabs NickoLabs, 7 years ago

Thanks you Davida.

Perhaps, it could be possible to make those two thing (report visibility and archive visibility) separate as well. But I guess this is what you took notes about, and not just the "hidden per default"... ^_^

Nickolas Simard
Multimedia integrator: Strategy & Web development
twistedpdx, 6 years ago

I would also appreciate this feature!

davidaf davidaf, 6 years ago

I wholeheartedly agree with both of you, and have added you as votes for this (I just might have stuck an extra one in there for me as well ;o)

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