Replacement of unsubscribe link

I am currently working on a template for a department store. The campaign will most likely be sent to most, if not all, of the employees, as well as interested outside parties. They have previously had problems with email campaigns whereby if one employee clicks to unsubscribe then all of the employees are unsubscribed. This only happened last week, which has made them understandably dubious about offering employees this option. I'm not sure what system they were using when this problem occurred.

I know that the unsubscribe link is required by campaign monitor, and I understand why, but I was wondering if there was possibly a way around it? I was thinking possibly replacing the standard Campaign Monitor unsubscribe tag with an email tag to contact the administrator of the newsletter, who would then remove the person from the mailing list.

Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

The Campaign Monitor unsubscribe link is required in every campaign, but it is specific to each person, so they could only unsubscribe themselves.

That's because each individual gets their own separate copy of the email.

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Dridgett Dridgett, 7 years ago

Ok cool, thanks. That must have just been something crazy that their last system was set to do. I think it may have unsubscribed everyone with that domain in their email address.

Thanks for the help.

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