Header image too big when images are blocked by email client

Hi all,

First off I want to say hi, and give my praise to the CM team for a really intuitive product/service.
I am a web designer/content officer and our company are just switching to CM after using proprietary software, and we are very excited.

Anyway, to the problem:

I have designed an html template with a swappable default header image, with the height of 116px. However after I've sent it out, hotmail, gmail and all the other clients won't apply the 116px height while images are turned off. Instead it makes the header about 600px high, but once you click "show images" all is good again.

The interesting part is that while in the CM wysiwyg, if I swap the header image, CM then adds in the height element to the code, and the problem is gone.

So my question is, when using the <$imgsrc default=''$> element, is there a way to get CM to include the height attribute without reimporting an image in the wysiwyg?

I tried working around this by adding height attributes to <td> elements and adding it as CSS as well, but neither worked. See code below (example below is prior to CM placing code inline).

Thanks for your help.

<td class="header" height="116" align="center" valign="top">
<img src="<$imagesrc link='true' default='header.jpg'$>" alt="header" border="0" width="586" height="116" />

td.header {
    background-color: #54bc31;
    height: 116px;

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