Campaign.getsubcriberclick(); customer URL click datetime by using API

I want to get the customer URL click date/time as well by using the campaign montior API.
currently I am using the campaign.getsubscriberclick method. It gives number of clicks and url of the customer activity without date and time.
Do you know any other method of API which will give me the customer URL click date time ?

Thank you


peterorgin, 7 years ago

Please! any one know the way to get customer URL click data time by using API?
Please help me!

davidaf davidaf, 7 years ago

Hi Peter,

At this time this data is not available via the API. I have put in a feature request for the campaign.getsubscriber method to include this data, but I cannot guarantee if or when it will be developed.  If others would feel it would be useful, please let us know.

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peterorgin, 7 years ago

Hi Davida,

Thank you for your comments and help.
I want to get date/time of click is to know that at which time my campagin get most hits and who(customer) did this hits.
Is there any other way to get this data?


Joomailer Joomailer, 7 years ago

Please add our vote for this as well! Some timestamp included into Campaign.GetSubscriberClicks to be able to display clicks over time would be awesome.


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chrisclick, 7 years ago


I signed up today as I had intended to use the API and I was surprsied when I didn't see this functionality mentioned in the overview.  Please can you implement click dates?  It would prove very useful to myself and I'm sure many others as well.

Kind Regards,


Phil Phil, 7 years ago

Hi everyone,

Just a quick note to let you know that i've added your votes to the feature request. No promises as to when it'll happen, but thanks for your feedback, and thanks for being patient!

ccs, 7 years ago

Hi Phil & Davida,

We are currently writing a web service to bring down the 'opens' and 'clicks' into our internal database system. We too were surprised that the date/time functionality was not exposed in the API.

This becomes a real issue when you query CM for the latest opens/clicks as there is no efficient way to work out which clicks are new. This means that we have to get all of the opens/clicks at CM and then compare against what we have already brought down, and then bring down the difference.

With multiple 30,000 recipient mail-outs, opens and clicks, a single sync could take hours instead of minutes. On top of this, it places extra load on your resources with all the extra data being transferred from CM to complete the sync... highly inefficient.

I suspect that the date/time is being recorded but simply not exposed through the API. I noticed this functionality was requested a few months back and I hope that it will be addressed in the very near future.

An ETA would be most appreciated… a reply with “it’s now available" even better :)

Aside from that, well done on a very comprehensive and well documented API!!!

With thanks,


dboulos, 7 years ago

I Have posted this requested already but, couldn't resist joining in here in order to reiterate what i believe to be a critical feature.
The Date of the open or clicks are available through the website itself but, not the API.
Unfortunately, i'm forced to refrain from obtaing metrics from the API, because our users are quite adamant of knowing who the most recent clicks are and whether or not they've already addressed the previous ones?

Thus, i'm losing out on a great API due to one small property....

Thank-you again for your consideration!

dboulos, 7 years ago

Sorry Davida & Phil,
    I forgot to specify that I personally would prefer the property in the Campaign.GetOpens Method as opposed to the Campaign.GetSubscriberClicks.
Because, you can have an open without a click but, not a click without an open thus, the date stamp will not be available for the majority of the metrics since as in our case, Opens are consistently, the largest metric ...
Programmatically, i've been able to match the click with the open so, i'll always have a date whether or not the subscriber just opened or, opened & clicked.

...Unless of course, you make it available to both methods!!!

Thanks Again!

peterorgin, 6 years ago

Hi Campaign Monitor support Team,

It has been more that 5 months of sending a request for subscriber clck date/time through API.

Is there any update on it?

Phil Phil, 6 years ago

Hi everyone,

Apologies for the lack of information on this one. I can tell you that we will be including timestamp information on all campaign metrics when we release the RESTful version of the API.

Keep watching the forums, because we will certainly publicise it when we go live.

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