More sharing options for reports


I would love to have 2 more options for sharing reports. Exporting reports as .PDFs is great way for printing (although there could be a few more statistics on the one page, perhaps you could let us decide between a simple report and a full report (+ opens/clicks over time, e-mail clients, etc.) there), but not so great for sharing your report in any other way (that is what most people do - I guess many are taking screenshots here).

So, I'm suggesting two things:

1) Share by mail. Much like the .PDF export feature, but including the content of the .PDF in the HTML of the mail - you should be able to choose between a full report and a simple report here as well. You can add a link to suggestions 2) as well.

2) Share by link. I think this would be awesome, yet probably not even that hard to add as it sounds. Basically, you take the whole report page with the sidebar etc. and make it standalone and sharable. That could look like this: (you should probably display the name of the company instead of "ABC Widgets"/instead of the app name - and maybe add something in the header like "Campaign report")
When I open a report, I can generate (and maybe delete/regenerate) a link to that page that I can send to my co-workers and friends.
You could even make it so that the co-workers can access past reports and compare them. But I guess that would need more than a share-link-feature. So that isn't that necessary, but I think the basic suggestions would solve problems for many users (probably also for those that want multiple logins for their co-workers).

You should probably combine these three sharing options in some kind of menu / area then.


holder10, 7 years ago

Well, 2) could also be really useful for the design and spam testing feature.

As CampaignMonitor doesn't support multiple accounts for one company, I think you really need to make sharing a lot easier.

jason88, 7 years ago

I really like the idea of 1), 2) is great as well, but ATM I really consider 1) most important.

holder10, 7 years ago

Any thoughts on that? It may even be a solution for some people to this problem:

Jarrod Jarrod, 7 years ago

Some great thoughts there holder10, thanks for sharing! I've made some feature request notes in our system about these. We do see requests for multiple logins per client, so providing a link to view reports (and/or design and spam test results) may be a way to provide client accounts with the multiple levels of access they are after.

dan_rc, 6 years ago

Adding the 'share test' functionality to 'share reports' would be rather neat.

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