What's your favourite email client?

We all spend so much time worrying about what other people are using to view our campaigns - what email client do you use yourself?

I use Apple mail primarily, with the SpamSieve plugin, and I find it a nice light product to use. Over time I have been more and more ruthless with just deleting email instead of storing it so I barely have any rules or folders in place.

What's your favourite?

Dave Dave, 10 years ago

Although I bash it so much because of the terrible CSS support in 2007, I'm an Outlook 2003 user in the office and Apple Mail user at home. As far as spam filtering goes I use Cloudmark Desktop for Outlook and the SpamSieve plugin that Mat mentioned at home. We've also started doing most of our mail through Google Apps, so I can access any of my email at any time through the Gmail interface too, which is very handy.

So there you have it, one email address, 3 completely different email clients.

woodsikov woodsikov, 10 years ago

I use The Bat! and have done for years though I'm currently feeling an urge to have another look at Thunderbird.

damienbuckley damienbuckley, 10 years ago

Mac Mail

Ben Ben, 10 years ago

I've been using Outlook 2007 on a new machine I upgraded to about a month ago and I must admit I have actually been liking it - apart from the obvious problem of half the newsletters I subscribe to looking crappy.

While out of the office I use the Gmail interface. I'd been a desktop only email client user until I started using Gmail, and I've been really happy with it. Plus it's spam filtering is fantastic.

Dahlia, 10 years ago

Even as a web designer, I still stick with Hotmail at home. I've been with it for 10 years, seen through the ups and downs of spam filtering and now it's gone down to an acceptable amount per day. I still get the mail that I want from the sites I've signed up and from the people I keep in contact with. I never had a problem with Hotmail, maybe because I'm more lenient when it comes to email. I'm so jaded with spam, they're so easy to pick out and mark them as spam.

At work I use Outlook 2003. It works well with the amount of emails I send and receive.

tomysun0, 5 years ago

I always like to use Microsoft Office Outlook 2007. That’s really easy to use...Thank

gpro gpro, 5 years ago

@ work: MS Office Outlook 2011  (with a host based spam application)

@ mobil: iOS Mail  (on iPhone + iPad) + Google Gmail  (on Android mobile phone)

@ home / privat: Apple Mail  for the main accounts and Thunderbird as a catch-all-handler (...I don't like to have all the spam nuisance in my main email app, ...and very low amounts of spam in my main app therefore! :-)  )

And, I would like to add: since I organized my (personal) INBOX differently, handling emails has become a joy! What did I change? Well, my inbox used to be a mess: full of emails, very important ones, less important ones, spam. A melting pot of modern (un-)communication! Then I read about different inbox strategies: how to organize oneself, how to act, how to react, when to do what, and I found a great concept: "Inbox Zero".

So, next to my main inbox, I now have five different sub-folders:

- instantly
- later
- waiting
- archive
- trash

Every time I check emails, I sort ALL my emails into one of these folders. And then e.g. instantly, daily, weekly or monthly, I get to the sub-folders and answer them. What has to be done right away, goes into "instantly" and has to get attention instantly. "Later" are not so important things, which can be handled later. "Waiting" is the place for stuff that needs some more information, input, answers etc. from other people. If the missing info is coming, the email moves to either "instantly" or "later". The stuff that I will never ever look at again goes into the trash. And "Archive" is the folder, where everything, that is worthy to be stored, is finally stored, but with no further sub-folders! You really don't need sub-folders: the search abilities of today's email apps are so great, (intelligent folders etc.) they help you to find what you are looking for!

If I may post a video link about this toppic:

What shall I say? Life has become a joy! No more overcrowded inboxes! Simple structures! Clear priorities! More spare time! ...for hobbies! Yes!

- - -
Mathias (gpro)
roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hah, I'm using Postbox these days - its just got a clean, elegant interface that makes it easy to quickly send short and snappy replies. I wish I could achieve Inbox Zero... One day, one day!

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