Update MultiSelectMany Values

I was wondering if it was possible to update a cusom fields options in the case of MultiSelectMany.

I have an Interests Custom Field, in the cliens CMS they can add/remove interests and would like to update the Campaignmonitor Custom field to reflect this.

I could only see "Delete", "Get" and "Create" API options for the custom fields. If I delete and recreate the Custom Field then all the previously selected options for subscribers are removed.

If this is not possible, then I just need confirmation as I will have to add a note to the clients in the CMS.


Ken Ken, 6 years ago


Unfortunately there isn't a way to edit the options for a MultiSelectMany custom field via the API. This has been a previously requested feature, so I've added your vote. We'll get back to you when it has been implemented and deployed live.

Until then, the only way to edit the options for a MultiSelectMany custom field is via the web application.


Bodom78, 6 years ago

Cheers Ken,

Will disable this option from the CMS for the time being.

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