Looking for Email Coder/CM Rebranding expert

It sounds like a Jobs Forum is not quite in existence yet so I’ll just post this here and hope for the best…

We are looking for someone with strong email design/coding skills as well as experience with rebranded CM integration to help on a couple of upcoming projects.   Primarily we need someone that can help us develop a system to create “web flyers"  -  email-compatable AND craigslist compatable HTML pages that will be created on demand from records in our existing MySQL database  -  much like www.vflyer.com and www.postlets.com  .  We would also like to enable our clients to manage their email campaigns with these flyers  via Campaign Monitor’s rebranded system.    I would be interested in hearing from people with both front-end and back-end experience with similar projects.

Anyone interested can reply here or directly to dev @ addressadvertising.com .   


Wayde Christie Wayde Christie, 8 years ago

Hi Charlie,

Any luck with this request? If not my company may be able to help out.


Wayde Christie.

Wayde Christie | Creative Director
Newism Pty. Ltd.

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