Suggestion, more Reseller Collateral Support

Firstly, great job on CM. I have been using it for years now and love it.

What l really would like to see though is some short white label instructional videos that l can use to drive new users through sending campaigns, managing subscribers and a general overview of the systems workflow.

My biggest hurdle isn't sign ups, it's getting users to start sending. As most people don't like asking for help l have tried to provide all the support i can through FAQ's, support desks etc. However i truly believe a few short videos will make the process of sending your first campaign and understanding the basics a 100 times easier for new users. Let's face it, once you send one campaign in CM you are away.

This along with a white label DL or A4 flyer would be brilliant.

I think these are really quick and easy wins for CM to role out and l would have it a guess that i would not be the only one who would agree with me. These assets would be worth there weight in gold.

Feedback? chances of this happen? would love to hear what you guys think at CM and others?

Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

Thanks for the feedback, we are already working on some of these ideas actually, so keep an eye out. Although having done them before, let me assure you that white label instructional videos are neither quick or easy to do well!

We did have a set in the past, but with constant changes to Campaign Monitor they became out of date.

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mec, 7 years ago

Thanks Mat,

Re videos... ha-ha i know that's why I'm suggesting you guys to them.
Thanks for the response, looking forward any form of more collateral CM produces.


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