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We want to find a manner to let people who have got a mail via Forward to a Friend, add to the database of subscribers. The forward to a Friend mail is the same mail as the original campaign mail and this original mail doesn't contain a link to subscribe to the newsletter. The only way to give the "friends" the opportunity to subscribe is to add a link to a subscription page in the original campaign mail. But it's seems not logical because the original campaign mail is sent to subscribers we don't need anymore to subscribe. So is there a solution to sent automatically a variant of the original mail to the "friends" with the link to an subscribers form and automaticaly fill the adres because you already sent them via the "forward to a friend" method.


JD JD, 7 years ago


Unfortunately, there is not an automatic way of doing this.  What we see most times is a customer adding a linked statement:

"Were you forwarded this email? Would you like to <link>sign up</link>"

This is usually in the footer or sidebar, so people who have already subscribed or are receiving the campaign, can ignore the link. Thanks!

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