Segmenting Question

We have customers that we email that receive different pricing.  We are currently sending them a newsletter once a month and a promotional offer once a month.  We segment our promotional offer based on the pricing they receive. 

Our sales reps are entering our customers email address into a mysql database we have that also contains their pricing/store info.  As of now I'm exporting those and importing them into campaign monitor.  I'd like to eventually  get the API setup, but that is for another time.

We would like to allow them to sign up for and unsubscribe from the newsletter or appreciation offer.  Right now if they unsubscribe it would be for both of them.  How would I set this up so that they could choose what they want to unsubscribe from?  Right now my email lists, consist of Sales Reps, Retail Stores, Catalog Companies etc.  When we send something to anyone, we usually also include our sales reps in on it. 

I'm thinking that I would have to have lists set up for Retail Newsletter, Retail Promotional Offers, Sales Rep Newsletter, and then import all the addresses into each.  Is that correct?  And, if so, would I need to maintain all those lists separately or when I update an email address would it update all of them?

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