Christmas operating hours

Anyone know if there are staff at Campaign Monitor over the break?  I've just gone to send a mail out for a customer and it's be blocked pending approval.  I REALLY need to send this asap if we've got any chance of getting this contract but I can't find anything about staffing over the Christmas period.


pentangle, 9 years ago

Wow!  I got a response about 20 minutes after my post and the campaign has now been sent.

Excellent service.

I would suggest that you put a warning notice for newbies like me on the testing pages though...

Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

We actually do put on your main account page (when you login) a big yellow box that lets you know about the approval process. (It disappears once your account is approved though).

We'll certainly look at other ways of making it clear. For reference, our help page about the approval process is here:

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