Question about approval process

If one of my clients has access to CM to run his own campaigns, when he tries to use his list for the first time and needs to get approval, will he see the screen that asks for information about subscribers?  In other words, the screen that you show in your Help/FAQs that asks for an explanation about your subscribers . . . is that seen and answered by my client directly or do I have to get that answer from my client and fill out that screen.  I'm trying to compile exact instructions about the approval process to give to my client.  For some reason, I remember that I had to fill this out for my client but I'm not sure why.   Thanks.

Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

Yes, your client will see the same screen - their answers come to us, and if we have any follow up questions we'll contact you, not your client, to get those answers.

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sylvatica, 7 years ago


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