Pleeease ! Add the edit button in the snapshops area !


Campaing Monitor is a wonderfull toy, but I ask myself often why it is sometime so unusefull ? Perhaps there is a simple solution and someone smart will explain to me how I'm a dummy boy, but here is my answer :

When you click in the snapshot of a sent campaing, you open the list of "Unique opens" and you click on one name, to edit the name or the status... but you can't ! There is no button to edit the subscriber... You though you was in the "manage subscribers" area but no. If you want to edit a name, you must go upstairs in the general list and search again the subscriber. Here you will have the button to edit... ??? Imagine when you want to edit 500 subscribers, make segments, town, etc...

Please, Please, Please (cf. James Brown), add the edit button for subscribers in the "Unique opens" area of the snapshots ! Please ! Or explain me why I'm dummy and how it is easy to make the same thing with another technique.
CM is super cool, but now I want it to be the paradise :)


Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago


Thanks for the feedback. We will record that, but at this time we've not had anyone ever ask for it before, so it would not be high on the list of improvements, although we can see how in some cases it could be useful.

Most of the time people don't want to edit there, and also it is potentially confusing because the subscriber in the unique opens report could come from one or more lists that the campaign was sent to. So you'd not know which list you were editing at that point.

By going back to 'manage subscribers' and editing there, it is always clear which record you are editing.

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