Need some to sort out a few issues (if possible) for me please

Hello all :)

I'm a freelance graphic designer (junior). To cut a long story short, I have designed an email newsletter for a client and thought I could do the tech bit too, but I'm not very familiar with html and there are some issues with how the newsletter displays in preview. I don't know what I'm looking for in the code in order to fix this issue, and I have battled through all of the tech stuff before this only to get stuck on this hurdle.

I need some one to:

Fix this issue - seems to be a spacing problem. Will go into detail over email.

Clean up the html.

I need to know (once discussed):

How much this will cost (a hard or electrical copy of an estimate)

I would very much appreciate any help with this - for months now I have been trying to find people who will help me overcome this obstacle with no success... I've almost given up. Luckily, the client understands that I am a print designer dealing with digital design and is more concerned with the overall finish than the length of time ( a nice change).

Thank you :)


roseannebastendesign, 7 years ago

Forgot to add my email address for any who are interested :):

JacobB, 7 years ago

Hi Roseanne,
I have sent you an email regarding the above.


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