Passing first name and last name separately via CMBase.php


I would like to thank everyone in advance for reading this. I hope I'm not wasting anyone's time. I've done a search on this forum, as well as tried to google for an answer but I've so far been unsuccessful.

I was wondering if someone was able to help me figure this out. I am writing a program for my client to sync his user list to CM using the PHP wrapper. He had noticed that Campaign Monitor's name field has first name and last name. He was wondering if my program can import the names of his users into Campaign Monitor in separate first name, last name fields.

I've looked and so far, I've only been able to pass 1 name field. Is it possible to pass the first name and last name separately to Campaign Monitor?

jamesd jamesd, 7 years ago

Hey Maichena,

You'd be best to add two text custom fields to your list (FirstName and LastName), and then call the Subscriber.AddWithCustomFields API method, passing in the values for those two fields manually using the CustomFields argument, rather than (or in addition to) just passing in the full name as the Name argument.

And the PHP API wrapper has a wrapper function for this API method: subscriberAddWithCustomFields

Hope that helps.

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