What's being fixed and looked into? A future release *yawn*

Hi Guys/Gals

I've posted a reasonable amount over the last 6 months, mostly about the invoicing side of CM.

I have also recorded / registered a number of issues including 'bugs', such as in Internet Explorer, personalisation (personalization) moves the tag to the bottom of a text area.

The response I got to this was "Educate your clients to move the tag, and will be fixed in a future release". OK, fine, I have to admit I'm not happy about the first part of the answer...after all we are paying for this service (waits for the stock reply of "we know CM doesn't suit everyone"), but this post is about the second part, future releases, and indeed notifying when bugs are squished/identified.

I notified CM of this months and months ago... and are no wiser to knowing if this has been officially resolved or just fixed because of a IE update.

I really think that CM needs to offer up a little more info on bugs/issues, and indeed what's being worked on... yes heatmaps are lovely... but we still need alt text on images for example...a fundamental requirement surely? (yes images need to be kept to a minimum, but sometimes you can't get away from it).

Anyway... any answer would be nice, as long as it doesn't include

1. Your vote has been added.
2. Its coming on a future release.

oh and

3. We're listening.



Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

Hi Richard,

Thanks for letting us know. We generally do try to contact people once bugs that they reported are fixed, but apologies if we miss anyone.

We don't have a roadmap publicly, as our internal plans are very flexible and announcing something we then don't build is bad for everyone.

Things which you or someone else consider fundamental requirements are considered unimportant by many others, so there is always a balance. I know it is frustrating not knowing, but there is so many factors to consider when planning what to build (our own priorities, timeframes, technical issues, requests from customers, existing work that needs to be maintained etc).

The reason you hear us saying 'your vote has been added' os because that's what we are doing. We'll never promise you that something will happen if we can't guarantee it, because that sucks.

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Richard.Wendon Richard.Wendon, 7 years ago


Thanks for the reply. Do you think though it would be a good idea to have a version history page... showing whats been fixed/changed / improved... i dont think you have that? I realise the blog updates us regarding the major features...but i wonder if announcements regarding the smaller bits are equally as important.

btw... i appreciate i sometimes come across as a bit of a ball breaker... but its only because i really like the system and want to keep using it. Ta

Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

Yes, we are planning some kind of update log page for future releases, glad to hear you would find it useful.

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