From "Info Internet" oddity


I've got a strange "client only" situation.

All of the employees at our clients office who use Blackberries have indicated that when they receive emails (from CampaignMonitor) the from and reply "name" is Info Internet. It should say "Wohlsen Construction" (the name of the business).

Link to some client photos of actual Blackberry here:

They confirmed that on their workstations (desktops and laptops) running Lotus Notes that they see "Wohlsen Construction". We tested this on our own Blackberry (we do not work for Wohlsen) running on the AT&T network and we see the correct "Wohlsen Construction" name.

Anyone had this issue before or know how I might start troubleshooting this?

Thank you!

Andy Mathers
Senior Interactive Designer
Scheffey Integrated Marketing

Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

It sounds like the name is coming from their server - perhaps your 'from' address is associated with that name in a server based address book?

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amathers, 7 years ago


Thanks for that feedback. I was not aware that servers had "address books".

So just that I understand (and communicate this properly to the client), if the client's own mail servers have a particular email address labeled in their "address book" it's possible that it overrides the "real" from address?

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