reporting by segment?

Is there any way I can figure out whether certain segments of my list are opening/clicking more than others?

I've sent a series of campaigns to a pretty big general list, and I'd like to know whether particular issues, stories, subject lines, etc. appeal more or less to any particular segment that I've already identified.

Is this a crazy API thing? Or just something to do with exporting, followed by serious Excel-Fu? Or can it not be done? Thanks!

Ben Ben, 9 years ago

Ha ha, Excel-Fu, I love it.

There should be a few ways this could be done, and Excel-Fu would be one, but possibly the easiest would be to use the segments feature in lists.

You can create segments based on your custom field data, and you can also add rules to a segment based on subscriber activity, such as opened a campaign, clicked a link etc. Once you've created these segments, the number of subscribers in each segment should be the information your looking for.

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