Return to site link going back to c/send captcha instead of site

Hi all,

I've got a subscribe form on the homepage of a site I'm developing. When a user enters their email and subscribes they are sent to a CAPTCHA page. When they correctly enter the CAPTCHA they are subscribed to the list and sent to a a c/send thank you page with a link saying "Click here to return to the site." but because the javascript is set to go back one page it takes them back to the CAPTCHA form rather than the main site - is there anything I can do about this?

You can see the page in question here:
(The subscribe form is at the bottom right)

Thanks in advance for any help

pauldwight, 7 years ago

If your within the manage subscribers tab and have selected the list you want to edit, on the right you will see a title 'Capturing and processing' and below that 'Customize subscribe process'. If you click on this link you can then change the url you want to display for the subscribe confirmation page to something on your own site.
Hope this helps

Diana Diana, 7 years ago

Hi hellosmithy,

pauldwright is correct on how to create your own custom confirmation page. I believe we also talked via support on why that CAPTCHA is showing (your form code is incorrect and needs to be updated as per the form code generated). If you need any other assistance though just let us know.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
hellosmithy, 7 years ago

Thanks for the help Paul and Diana. I don't think I've discussed this via support but will check out the form code for errors.

nik o, 6 years ago

I'm having this same problem.  After the signup form is submitted it goes to a secondary capthca form. Once this is submitted there is a link back to the site, but this link goes back to the captcha form instead.  The javascript link on this page is history.go(-1) -- shouldn't it be history.go(-2) if the user has arrived at the confirmation page via the captcha form?

Is there a fix for this or alternative?

Mathew Mathew, 6 years ago

Hey Nik,

Is the captcha form your own? The only time the Campaign Monitor form includes a CAPTCHA is when your form code is out of date, so the best course is to update your form code in that case, and resolve the problem that way.

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