round corners top left/top right

i need following:

and email newsletter like a box with content. the box should have round corners at top left and top right. currently i have left and right html borders for the whole box and the Top line is a picture with the corners included which "sits" at the top of the table, so it looks good with "showing pictures".

what i need: a good looking when pictures are not shown. is it possible to have a closed box there (without corners of course) or do i have "physical" problemes with this?

fyredefyre fyredefyre, 7 years ago

This is entirely possible - all you need to do is create a table with added cells at the top and bottom to contain your 'curved' image. If the image is not loaded then a standard white background applied to the table will not render your email any issues.

If you need some assistance for this please let me know; contact details below for your reference.

Thanks. - Everything Email.
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