Plea for alt attribute in image editor

One of my client's mailings has just gone out and I've realised that there was no alt attribute on a template derived image...

<img src="<$imagesrc link='true' $>" width="450">

I ducked into their account and set up a quick test to see if I'd missed the opportunity to add an alt attribute and quickly concluded that the error wasn't mine as no option is given in the editing interface!

And then I found this comment from BraceRosso from 6 months ago and subsequent acknowledgement from CM staff that a field to add an alt attribute is a 'good suggestion'.

I'd say it's essential ;)

Consider this a big BUMP!

BraceRosso, 7 years ago

Thanks for re-raising this issue @watershed.  It's another best practice for email design that is glaringly missing.  Coming from a software development environment, I know developers hate it when users assume certain features would be simple to add (it's impossible to know all the variables and challenges involved) so I apologize in advance....

But I have to say, if CM easily adds the HTML code for an uploaded image, how hard can could it be to include an alt tag field for the user to add some text?

rach, 7 years ago

Hi, yes my client isn't happy about this either. Also they want to add sponsor logos in posts, meaning multiple images in a post that the client can edit themselves (with hyperlink function and Alt Text). Their 'superseeded' bulkmail system provided these features.
CM--new tags for these features would be appreciated --

amblique, 6 years ago


This feature is absolutely vital. Hear us out CM.

Mathew Mathew, 6 years ago

Thanks for the comments, it is something that can be useful in many cases, though as we've seen it is nowhere near as useful as it can be on the web, because many email clients don't support it well.

I'll bump up the votes on this item in our internal plans though.

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