Ruby Gem wrapper - re-import campaign

Can anyone help me with the following:

After creating a new campaign using the Ruby Gem with the Campaign Monitor API, how do I re-import my campaign after making changes to the html content? I mean re-importing using the Ruby gem.

Much appreciated for your help.


stefjongkind stefjongkind, 7 years ago

I sent a ticket to support and got back that the only way is to create a new campaign with the updated content. Bummer, this means if I keep the same name for the campaign I need to delete the old one first.


Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

That's right, the Campaign Monitor API doesn't currently have a way to modify an existing campaign unfortunately.

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stefjongkind stefjongkind, 7 years ago

Thanks for that,

This brings up my next question: Is there a method provided by the API that allows me to retrieve an earlier saved draft and then send it?

At the moment it looks like I have to create the campaign, upload subscribers and send the campaign all in one transaction. Am I right? In this case I assume the order of events should be: 1. compose html content. 2. create subscriber list and upload subscribers in separate transaction. 3. create campaign with selected subscriber list and send it.

It would be nice if we  could save a draft and come back to it at a later stage.

Can some one please, fill me in on this?

Many Thanks,


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