Please make List.GetCustomFields return the values for MultiSelectMany

I'm trying to keep our list of stores in just one place (Campaign Monitor) and keep the subscribe form on our website up-to-date automatically.  i think that would be much easier if the List.GetCustomFields would indicate the appropriate value attribute for each FieldOption

Or is there some other place to obtain this automatically?  Can you just document and expose the ajax call that creates the form on the website 'Create a subscribe form' function?


Jason Jason, 7 years ago


Thanks very much for the suggestion. The reason the API method just returns the text value of the multi-option option is because that is all that is required for submissions via the API, which is what the GetCustomFields method is geared towards. There is no other place you can automatically get the info at the moment. I'll put in a feature request referencing your post, but we can't guarantee any release or improvement without enough requests for this functionality. Thanks again.

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