Updating Customer Record


We've just run our first campaign and really delighted with Campaign Monitor - faaaaaantastic.

I imported a data file successfully and now I want to update individual records such as name, job title and telephone number, where we have determined changes. Can this be done or are the records locked down the moment a campaign is sent?

davidaf davidaf, 7 years ago


Thanks for the kind words! You can definitely update your list, the easiest way is to update your CSV with the data. Go to the list in your account and click to Add subscribers and import the list. It will update the existing records with the new data.

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TipTop01, 7 years ago

Hello Davida

OK, sounds straightforward enough. How do I cope with hardbounces where I have learnt that people have left the company? Do I delete them from my .csv file and import as you say?

Also, I want to rename one of the columns from "Telephone Concatenation" to just "Telephone Number". Will this cause a problem?


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