Redit sent template -with empty tags

Howdy folks

I have found a bug:

1. My client decided that he did not want to use all the title tags that have the default text ="Enter Text" , which as expected when in the preview and when the email was sent out they did not show. Correct

2. My client decided rather than having to redit all the text and pictures in to the template and start again, he would simply go to the old sent campaign and press "Edit and resend" creates a new campaign with the old content.

The trouble is the default text ="Enter Text" are now actual values and in the preview it shows as "Enter Text" , Could this be changed so it is exactly like the original campaign ?


davidh, 7 years ago


Thanks for telling us about this. I have had a look at it but I am not sure I understand what you mean. On my tests the default text always appears in the preview unless you delete it.

Could you send an email to with your site name and the name of the template and campaign? Then we will be able to look into it further and try the edit and re-send.

After that we can write up the bug report and take it from there.

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