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Sorry for my english, but what does "Each pre-paid campaign you send incurs a 500 credit delivery fee" mean?
Is that extra cost for prepaid campaigns? Isn't pre-paid meant to be cheaper than normal? Is it so that due to this fee, this is not suitabe for customers that's sending small campaings only?

Can I purchase credits for my account and let all the customers use those credits (I am paying for all of them), or do I need to purchase them separately for every customer?

Thanks for great service so far!

Stig Stig, 7 years ago

Hey J-P,

It basically just means that you pay a 500 credit delivery fee for each campaign you send, in addition to the 1 credit per recipient.

This works the same as when you're paying for a campaign directly. In that case, there's a $5 delivery fee, plus 1 cent per recipient.

And yes, you can purchase credits that you can let all the clients you're paying for use, and optionally allocate credits to each of them.

Did that answer your questions?


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J-P, 7 years ago

Yes, thanks a lot.
I didn't know it was the same fee than the sending cost in the normal campaign.

When I allocate credits to individual customers, will they also get see how much there is left for them to use?
I am charging my customers more than 5$ delivery fee, is there some way to handle this in charging customers pre-paid credits?

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