SPF, MX and sending from web server

We have a customer who is wanting to setup the SPF / domain keys for their domain.  Domain keys are done, however re: spfs...

They have email hosted externally, a web server hosted outside the usual network on a dedi server and are wanting to link it all into the spf, so that CM are 'authorised', along with the email server and also the webserver to send emails on the domain's behalf.

current DNS:
                        IN      MX      10 [mailserver].
                        IN      A       [webserver IP]
mail                    IN      A       [mailserver IP]
www                     IN      A       [webserver IP]

would this be correct?
v=spf1 mx include:cmail1.com include:smtpserver.emailserver.com include: ~all
so that all CM, web server & their current email can send out successfully?


Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

yes, that should do the trick. All we are looking for is the include:cmail1.com part

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