Please help - image showing up at the bottom of newsletter

This is the first time I have sent a newsletter like this and I really need help ASAP! I am under a huge deadline and have to have this sent out within 15 hours. I contacted support by email and haven't received a response so this was my next step.

The location of my newsletter is . I had to use YahooSiteBuilder to create the newsletter because my web editing program has decided to bite the dust and I am too rusty on my coding to do it myself!

When I test it, the header shows up at the bottom of the newsletter rather than the top. Also, when I send it to myself and check it in Mac Mail, the story links don't work. That is not as big of a deal as the other. Out of all the email clients it tests it in, Outlook 2003, Outlook Express 6, Outlook XP, Aol 9, Thunderbird and Windows Mail are the only ones that show up like it's supposed to. It doesn't work properly in Outlook 2007 and that is my main concern!

If anyone knows what is going on or how I could fix the problem....PLEASE, I am begging for help!

Dave Dave, 9 years ago

Hi, I had a quick glance at your code and noticed you're using absolute positioning for each of the main elements in your email, including the header. The problem is, every web-based email client like Yahoo, Hotmail and Gmail doesn't support CSS positioning (see this report for more).

If this is the code auto-generated with Yahoo SiteBuilder, I'd seriously recommend using a different tool to design the newsletter. It will unfortunately become unreadable for a large percentage of your recipients if you use this version. How about downloading a trial of something like Dreamweaver and seeing if that suits.

Anyone else got any good suggestions on a cheap/free app mlchase could use to create a better coded email?

mlchase, 9 years ago

Thanks for the reply and suggestion!  I am working on it now.

Stormy Stormy, 9 years ago

That is some messy code :( Even some Javascript in there, which is not going to play nice in an email.

For the free, open-source option, I'd plump for NVU, completely multiplatform and quite Dreamweaver-ish in its design.

Alternatively, there's of course the good old Notepad route ;)

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