How to insert a Mini Poll into email

I would like to insert a Mini Poll into the email. Just a quick "Did you like that? Yes or No?" with buttons. I have seen this in other emails and wonder how to do it.
I am aware that I could link to an "outside" Survey but I would prefer to have it inside the email...

Thank you for the help!

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 7 years ago

Hi Wurmwelten, forms in email can be fairly unreliable. For a simple scenario like this you can simply add "Yes" and "No" links to your email. You can then look at your campaign reports or even something like Google Analytics to see how your subscribers responded to these links.

Note that these links will still go to an external page - there isn't really a way of collecting click info from an email without this happening.

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jafer,israth, 7 years ago

Im working on a polling extension for Google wave and one of my proposed core functionalities is to insert the poll into the users e-mail and providing him/her the ability to vote right from their mailbox. certain people like this idea but im not quite sure how to get this done..some help would be deeply appreciated.

Thank you

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