Google Merge Field Lookups?

I was talking with the lead management company, and they claim integration with several Email Service Providers, ConstantContact, iContact, etc.  No specific mention of CM.

The man there says that the question is whether the ESP can do "Google Merge Field Lookups". 

I found this topic, which makes it seem like there's some pretty good CM to Google integration.

Can anyone clarify this for me?  Should I be able to tag my CM outgoing emails such that AC can process the clickthroughs, etc.?


Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

Campaign Monitor has specific Google Analytics tag adding capability, but I'm afraid we don't know anything about ActiveConversion specifically.

Basically you can manually add any tags to your links, but the only ones we can automatically add are for Google Analytics.

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kenlyle, 7 years ago

Thanks, Matthew.  That GA integration seems to be the key, and likely the same.  My contact at AC wrote me back to say it's a go, based on the link above, where it says something that puts utm= type stuff into the links, and AC can parse. those URLs.  Something like that.

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