Same campaign, two recipient lists, only one list showing activity

Yesterday we sent out one email campaign to two of our large blue-chip clients. Both of the companies were sent the same email but were both on individual recipient lists. We have had a great response from company A, but there has been no activity from company B.

Do you know of any reasons why this could be happening? Are our email campaigns being blocked by their internal firewall/server? What is the best way to avoid being blocked (if that is what is happening)?

I know these are very general questions, but maybe someone else has had similar experiences and could help enlighten our situation.


davidaf davidaf, 7 years ago

Hi Ben,

It's hard to tell exactly what happened with company B. Their servers could have blocked the email for some reason, you may want to see if you can contact their mail admin if possible to see if they have records of receiving the emails why they were blocked. Did the emails from them bounce back at all?

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