Maximum distribution size

Hi...What is the maximum size of a distribution list that CM can handle?   I am looking for a service that can handle distributions in excess of 1,000,000 uniques.  So far, it seems CM is limited by the size of an Excel/CSV file but I'd like other users in the forum to comment on this or make alternative suggestions.

If CM is limited by the size of Excel/CSV then it seems the only way to get to a distribution of 1,000,000 uniques is to break up the list into 20 groups of 50,000 uniques. 

But this is time consuming so I'd like a better solution.   Any ideas?



Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

Technically Campaign Monitor can handle lists of that size, but in practice we work with people bringing in lists of up to a few hundred thousand.

Above that, generally we'd recommend looking for a specialist 'large list' provider who are more focused on the needs and handling of really huge lists.

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skimerlin, 7 years ago how does CM recommend uploading distribution lists of a few hundred thousands and conducting the broadcast?  Please provide detailed instructions.

And, which providers does CM recommend that can handle distribution lists greater than the few hundred thousands that CM can handle?



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