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1. Wanted to ask a question below http://www.campaignmonitor.com/blog/post/3060/the-team-that-never-sleeps/ but it is closed for comments. Why do you close posts for comments? - will be my first question :)

2. It would be really interesting to know (and I am sure you have guys who still remember those times) how all systems you use (except obviously your product) developed in time. I guess a good point to start with ground zero and give a reasoning why one or the other system was chosen and later rejected. May be you can say what other tools you could you use if you'd find a magician who can get all your data from all your systems and put them into support systems of your choice. By the other words, what are other systems you see now which were not available when you selected Jive or HelpSpot, for example. May be sometime in future in a separate follow up post?


BTW - When you put signature BEFORE uploading your avatar in forum profile it looses signature after avatar upload. Not sure how important such details are for you. Is it Jive, HelpSpot or you? Ha-ha

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 7 years ago

Hi Igor, welcome to the forums! Thanks for reading the blog - we appreciate it!

1) Well, perhaps the foremost reason is to combat the torrents of link spam we get every day. Although our CMS deals with the majority of strange, spammy comments we get, occasionally a few slip through. Sadly, a lot more would come through if we left all our posts open, all the time! So for my sanity at least, we close comments after a few months.

Anyway, we're always happy to answer questions via email or the forums, so feel free to fire away anytime :)

2) That's a great suggestion for a follow-up post! I'll certainly keep that one in mind for the future. Thankfully, the systems we use have been customizable enough for us to tweak them as our needs have changed, so I don't think we'll be contemplating a major switch just yet. ;)

Oh, thanks for the tip on updating your forum profiles! We'll certainly look into it. Cheers, Igor! Thank you for the great suggestions and feedback!

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Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

Also, just because we get asked a bit, these forums are actually based on a customised install of http://punbb.org

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