Looking for programmer to code email newsletter from design

I'm looking for someone to help our company code a newsletter from a design we produced in-house and sprinkle some Campaign Monitor magic into it.

Some Details
- Company: The Foursquare Church (foursquare.org)
- Template is designed; we just need some code
- Approximate hours: 4-6

If you're interested in quoting for it, just reply to this thread or contact me at ggraham@foursquare.org. We're in Los Angeles, but are cool working with anyone outside the area. :)

Geoff Graham

NicksHoustonRoofing, 7 years ago

You might check out elancers.com

You can usually hire reasonable help at this site for these type of jobs.

geoffgraham geoffgraham, 7 years ago

Thanks for your help, everyone! Got a lot of great responses and the project is complete.

Geoff Graham
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