Allocate credits automatically, account limits


I would like to make a few suggestions for controlling how much the client can send.

For one, it would be useful if we could set credits to be allocated monthly to a client automatically. Through that, it would be much easier for us to sell monthly plans to our clients. (Of course, a 'real' option for monthly plans where you take care of the billing would be awesome as well).

Plus, I would like to see the option of limiting both the monthly e-mails the client can send (when choosing that I pay for the client) and limiting the subscribers a client can have.

These options would give us a lot more flexibility when billing the client and would allow much finer control - and I believe that "more control/options for resellers" is a really important part of CampaignMonitor as you are specifically targeting mostly designers. :)


roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 7 years ago

Hi Lennart, thank you for this awesome feedback! I've recorded all your suggestions internally, so I'll let you know if we're to make any changes to the ways you can allocate credits to clients and apply control to the way they manage and send campaigns. Good call on all these points, we really appreciate it.

I guess your first request would also fulfil #2, considering that when your clients' allocated email credits run out, they won't be able to send, anyway. But putting a cap on sends is would be very useful if you're paying for campaigns by credit card.

There's been a lot of talk internally regarding ways we can keep our pricing model competitive, so watch this space - it's certainly a priority of ours to keep Campaign Monitor valuable to resellers like yourself. :)

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