Chooing the best subdomain

I just signed up for CM to make my own newsletters and discovered that I can offer this service to my clients. I am a graphic designer and also do some web design. I've been on maternity leave for a long time (about 2 years!) and am getting ready to start accepting clients again in a couple months. I want to set up a subdomain for this new service. The website I will be using is and I am not sure what the best subdomain would be.

I don't particularly like because it seems to say email account provider rather than email marketing service. I was reserving for something else. I was wondering if we are allowed to use c/ I know that is not to far from logomasterpiece.c/ but might be good so that they see it on my domain and see a word that will be on the billing. Or would be good? Other ideas I was considering: blastit, cs, emailblast, send, campaign

I am just looking for suggestions as I try to decide the most professional subdomain to use.

NickoLabs NickoLabs, 7 years ago

Hi Né

I would suggest NOT using "c/send" because it may point that you are using CM's service... which is something you may want to avoid, in order to set some mark-up payment option. What client would prefer paying a marked-up rate over CM's low fee (ok, apart for the service you offer)?

I'm personally using "email", but you could use "mailing", "my-mailing" (though using dashes in domain name isn't quite the best), "buletin" or "bulletin" (if you got a mainly French audience). I don't know what kind of design you'll have for your mailing. If your email is "informative" and "official", go for a more official subdomain name... If your mailing is a blast to recieve and have a "lively" theme or design, your "blastit" idea is a good one!

My thought on that is that the sub domain should describe the usage you are making of it. Also, upon recieving your emails, your client should be able to trust such domain name. That is another point why I wouldn't recommend sticking to the "c/" default... I personally find it trusting, but whenever I see an unfamiliar domain name in my email, I tend to double check the source... which takes times and I hate to do that.

Geez, I'm talking too much again... ;-)

I hope I've been of some help!

Nickolas Simard
Multimedia integrator: Strategy & Web development
rockyshark, 7 years ago

I used newsletters. - but in hindsight I with I had given it more thought. Come up with a "name" for the service, and use that as a subdomain. That way, you can call it something when you're specking with your clients about it, instead of saying something dull like "Log into your newsletter management system" or similar.

For example, if you call it "Fred", and set up fred as your subdomain, you can then refer to it as Fred when talking with your clients about. "Log into Fred..."

I'm not saying you should use Fred... but hopefully you get the idea...

Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

You can certainly change your custom domain if you need to, check out for the details.

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rockyshark, 7 years ago

Sweet! I just figured it would break the old URLs...

Now, to think of a name...

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