Payment gateway failed?


I have encountered a very embarrassing problem this morning.  I had an email queued up and ready to send at a particular time.  It contained login details for a client's webinar.  I was a little surprised that we had far fewer people in the webinar than had registered.

It turns out that the payment failed at the time of the scheduled send.  I have no idea why it should have failed, the card is the same card I have been using just yesterday to send campaigns successfully.  Nothing has changed with the card, there are no problems on the associated bank account.  I can only presume that your payment gateway went down at just the wrong time.

|| Timeout waiting for Processor response (104)

It is very frustrating that my email didn't go out as a consequence.  And it is quite a major shortcoming in the way that payments for scheduled emails are setup.  Please can I put forward a suggestion that either scheduled payments are preauthorised for a given amount (so that they don't fail) or if they do fail for payment gateway issues, that the scheduled email goes out regardless and then payment is reconciled or re-queued later??

davidaf davidaf, 7 years ago

That's a great suggestion, I have added a feature request to change how we handle payment for scheduled emails. In the meantime, for important campaigns you can purchase email credits ahead of time and use those to pay for the campaign instead.

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simonbyrne, 7 years ago

This has happened AGAIN!  Two different campaigns sent within a few hours of each other, one goes, the other fails.

We just attempted to send the scheduled campaign (Campaign name) you created for Client name, but when we tried to charge your credit card it failed. If it's any help to you, our payment gateway gave us the following error message: Timeout waiting for Processor response (104)

Thankfully, this wasn't a time-critical email.  But there is a problem with your payment gateway, Campaign Monitor.

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