bug in link code

when uploading web-based email, there is an unwanted linebreak being appended to the end of every link.

example, when i close a link immediately before a comma, CM inserts a linebreak which then renders as a space between the linked word and the comma. so there's an orphan comma.

webversion code has no errors and looks perfect; this only happens after uploading to CM. can see it on the CM preview and on the test send.

example: http://www.ohioafp.org/wfmu/. in the first para of the top story, "members assembly" will get a space before its comma after i upload. but it's not there in this webversion.

thanks for looking into this.

davidaf davidaf, 7 years ago


If the system sees long lines it will enter in breaks after links - this is to avoid a common issue with Outlook breaking a link if the line is too long. To avoid this we suggest breaking your link into two lines like so:

<a target="_blank"
href="http://www.ohioafp.org/conferences_cme/conferences/assembly.php">Members Assembly</a>

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