auto "post to web" feature for most recent campaign + improving archiv

hi Im sure this has been brough up elsewhere but cant find it exactly
extending on the current archive feature
auto posting the most recent campaign (of 5+ recipients) to a webpage

e.g. on your subscribe page (or anywhere) would be a great idea to be able to show people the most recent campaign/newsletter so they can get an idea of what they will be getting if they sign up

would be a great feature to encourage subscribers as they can see right there at the subscribe form what they are signing up for
Would get maximum utility/exposure out of the content in a campagin as well as a simple form of cms for some

a pretty simple idea (not saying simple to implement) but a few of the other email marketing apps do it
a great example is here

a checkbox in the send process in admin could turn this on and off if people didnt want a particular campaign to be publicly viewable

i know there is the archive feature which is great :) but this takes it a step further by actually displaying the most recent campaign in full, as i said getting maximum utility out of those hard worked hours on your campaign

actaully thinking about it... the archive function is good but rather dry
considering most peope here are dsigners a dry text link archive is rather boring so im going to throw another idea in the mixer here and ask about the possiblity of screenshots instead, a lot more inviting!

anyway more on the first idea, but interested to hear CM's and other people thoughts an imrpving the archive function also

obviously its not simple to implement but a very valid feature I would have thought!

what are your thoughts peeps!?

Thanks guys


Greg Strutton Greg Strutton, 7 years ago

Hi and thanks for the post!

Nice idea here and something we can keep in mind for the future.

nwm, 7 years ago

hi greg sorry got sidetracked on the interweb and have only just come back to check this thread
had it been suggested before?
would seem a valuable feature!

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