entering a break between a repeater title...


I would first like to apologize for the possibility that I may be phrasing this question wrong...I reviewed some of the threads in here and I think that the answer may be no; however, I think I should double check anyways.


This is a link to a .pdf of the code and with a snapshot of the "end result" that I want.

I have realized that what I have done doesn't actually work in the end because I can't create two <$title link="true" default='Enter title here.'$> sections in the left-hand side/main area of the newsletter.

My two questions are
a) is it possible for me to accomplish what I actually tried to do...? That is, create 2 repeater title sections in the left-hand menu of the newsletter template and 2 corresponding sections on the right?

b) If "a" isn't possible then is it possible for me to simply enter a separation between the repeater titles

Perhaps this would put it in perspective...the "in this issue" section that newsletters tend to have (for the sake of easy navigation from one story to another) needs to be divided into two sections for my newsletter.

Again, I hope I was able to explain and ask my question properly...I'm definitely lost.

Many thanks,

mattnelson, 7 years ago

I have the same issue. Please let me know if you figure this out. Thank You!

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