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Everyday I love your software more and more. It's amazing and very simple to use.

I've just created an account as a response to a lot of requests from my clients for this service i.e. email marketing.

Before I let my clients use the software, I think there is something missing in the login page: a simple text LINK that should appears under the login form box and can be customized from the admin control panel, i.e. the text and the link to which that text goes when clicked on.

Why this link is needed? a simple answer, Marketing. Not only for the reseller (as me) but for the CampaignMonitor as well. How? Usually, when a campaign is sent, the recipients may show some interest in how that email was delivered, and by a way or another they will go to the custom domain of that reseller seeking some info about this service, unfortunately, they will see a login form only. What will happen then, either they will try to go to the root domain hoping that they will find something and most probably they will not, or simply they will close the browser. The result is we have just lost another client.

You might say: try to utilize your root domain then. Yes, that would be ok but what if I use a dedicated domain for CampaignMonitor service, and the subdomain I use is www? or what if I don't want to manage content on two websites: under the CampaignMonitor custom domain and my company domain?

So, it's clearly that this link will be very useful to redirect new clients or prospects to the right page or website that will do some marketing for this service.

The request is simple but my talk is much, and that's because it's really important. Do you think so?

davidaf davidaf, 7 years ago


Thanks for your comments. Unfortunately the login page isn't customizable in that way except for the logo that appears at the top. You can certainly create your own login page if you want to fully customize it with whichever links you like. Even though you don't care to manage content on both sites, it's really the only way at this point if you want a different login page.

Regarding doing a custom domain with the subdomain of www, I don't think that's advisable as it causes other issues. It's best to do a subdomain along the lines of newsletters.yourdomain.com or email.yourdomain.com.

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alkhashrami alkhashrami, 7 years ago

Davida, I hope you'll consider this as a feature request and I'm sure it's so simple to be implemented, an so useful after then. It's only a text link!

Custom login page is a good feature you have but it has its own downsides, say forgot password for example.

Regarding www subdomain, it should not have any problem when the DNS is configured properly and a redirect .htaccess file is well written.

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