Freshview is very obvious in domain whois

Hello again,

Using custom domain and branding is an incentive for everyone in here to bring more clients and to make a good revenue at the end but once the client knows that CampaignMonitor is behind us, most probably he will go for CampaignMonitor leaving us frustrated for the hard work we've done.

You are doing a lot of work to prevent that, and that's what makes you successful and your work appreciated.

One issue I've found is that there are two domains that need their whois data to be edited, and they are:

The whois of these domains shows Freshview in the name and email fields, which by a simple search or typing will reveal and guess what will happen then.

If you can replace Freshview in the whois data to e.g. c/send, it will be perfect. And I think it's a simple task. Don't you agree?

davidaf davidaf, 7 years ago

Thanks for bringing this up. Generally our designers don't have a problem with their customers finding Campaign Monitor through these means, however you are right that a very savvy customer who is curious can find out who we are if they try hard enough. Although we can't do a blind registration for those websites (that can cause other issues), I will definitely send this along to our sys admin to see if there's something we can do about it.

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alkhashrami alkhashrami, 7 years ago

Davida, I appreciate your effort in taking care of this issue. I don't think using Create Send is considered as "Blind Registration" since it's a legal business name registered in Australia and owned by Freshview.

Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

Actually we used to use that, and it did cause us some deliverability issues unfortunately, so we had to change back to using Freshview.

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