Testing designs charges questions

Hi all,

I just joined CM today and is very pleased with much of the features available and how easy and cleanly designed things are.

I'm slightly confused about the design testing of a campaign and the charge for this.

Is the USD5 charge per test or per test of a design?

Let’s say that I create a design, and now I need to test it. I happily pay USD5 for this test. But, what if I find some issues that needs to be resolved, will I need to pay USD5 for each subsequent test as well ??

I think this point is NOT clear on the page and it could be.

Thanks for your time.

davidaf davidaf, 7 years ago

Yes, you are correct, you must pay for each test that you run. We suggest that you do as much testing as possible using email clients you have access to to iron out as many wrinkles as you can, then when you feel your code is really ready to go, then use the design and spam tests as your final testing environment.

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