Looking for Intranet Software (feat. Invoices, Quotes and Time Sheets)

Hiya everyone

I've recently been looking for a software that could replace our current, outdated, intranet. We are a small business (1-10 employees) so uber huge software are kinda an overkill... for now! We will grow! ;-)

I want it to be able to create quotes, invoices, and manage employees time sheets. All that need to be secure, of course.

I've given Jive SBS a try, but from what I can see, it really is what it's saying it is: a Social Business Software. It doesn't include invoicing and the like, nor Time Sheets management. Perhaps there could be a plugin for that?
I might be using Jive SBS as an Extranet, in order to connect with our clients and employees though...

Does any of you have a suggestion? I'd rather look around a little more then start building one on my own: why would I want to redesign the wheel, if it already exist?
Pretty much any suggestion is welcome... I'm a little desperate of changing that software!

NickoLabs NickoLabs, 7 years ago

Still no replies. Same on Twitter.

I'm still researching, so feel free to suggest! Thanks for the support.

Wanted Features:
• Intranet-like (login, secure access, can be PHP or other)...
• Invoices
• Quotes
• Time / Employees management

Nickolas Simard
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atlasprojects atlasprojects, 7 years ago

Have you tried FreshBooks: http://www.freshbooks.com/

I am a small business myself. I have found FreshBooks to cover our needs for now. I have found the following advantages:
* it's online, so can access from anywhere
* create quotes, convert to invoice and monitor payment. ie. You can see when client has viewed the invoiced. They have an option to pay with PayPal and it applies payment to your invoice automatically. Other payments processed can send an email notification that you have received it.
* you can create a profile for each employee, track their time and attach time to a project
* has an iPhone app - so if employee is offsite, they can track their time on their phone and submit data to your FreshBooks
  * time entries can be used to generate the invoices
* you can invoice by time, as well as by item (eg. labour component + materials component)
* you can customise your email notifications as well as automated reminder emails

No, it doesnt have Payroll capability. But I find I dont need it with our setup for now as the guys are paid by project basis anyway. So everything they enter in FreshBooks goes straight into an invoice - but still able to modify text that customer sees.

Hope that helps.


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LucPestille LucPestille, 7 years ago

We're about to switch to Streamtime at work, but it's quite expensive. I also hear good things about FreeAgent.

Both are UK based, but I think they work in a range of currencies.

leevigraham leevigraham, 7 years ago

We use http://harvestapp.com for our internal time tracking and http://www.coopapp.com/ for internal messaging and actually entering the timesheets. You can also invoice and quote from Harvest.

For some added fun we also use Redmine for tasks and projects. There is a Harvest plugin for Redmine that adds time entered in Harvest to Redmine tasks which is also handy.

Leevi Graham | Technical Director
Newism Pty. Ltd.
atlasprojects atlasprojects, 7 years ago

Oh, and FreshBooks integrates with Basecamp, which is a fantastic Project Management collaboration tool.

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roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 7 years ago

A couple of good suggestions from the Twitterverse :P

"Would this be of help? http://www.marketcircle.com/billings/" - @Bjarni

"We use @proworklow. we use another online application (xero.com) for invoicing but proworkflow does handle this also." - @nzsolutions

"We've just started with Streamtime, good, solid, recommend it. http://www.previewstreamtime.com.au/" - @alisonhood

"At slocumstudio.com we use freshbooks - works like a charm." - @mattmedeiros

"I like Harvest. They have a great iPhone companion app too. http://www.getharvest.com/" - @UXShawn

"Give Ronin (http://www.roninapp.com) a shot. We handle invoices, quotes, and time tracking." - @roninapp

"www.saasu.com and www.88miles.net :)" - @madpilot

"I use http://invoicemachine.com Extra points for the timer widget for Mac dashboards - very handy." - @Aizlewood

Keep 'em suggestions coming! You're all Nickolas' best friends now :)

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jamiemill, 7 years ago

Hi NikoLabs,

This is a product I'm associated with (that's the disclaimer over with) that you might find interesting: Skylight.

It includes pretty comprehensive resource management (booking/scheduling), tasks, time logging, file storage, and is designed expressly for teams like yours.

We're in public beta at the moment and eager to hear feedback from people like you, so please sign up for free and give it a spin.


Stig Stig, 7 years ago

A couple more throwing their hat in the ring via Twitter:

"Hi! We'd like you to try http://LessAccounting.com for really easy invoicing, & http://LessTimeSpent.com for time tracking" - @lessaccounting

"make sure you check out Paymo time tracking and invoicing: http://www.paymo.biz" - @Paymo


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NickoLabs NickoLabs, 7 years ago

Hiya everyone

Hats off and thanks a lot for the replies. I wasn't expecting THAT much!

I'm a little overwhelmed by all those kind and timely suggestion, so I'll have to take a look at that when I'll be back from vacation (ah, summer!) and I'll make sure to give those a try. Also, be sure I'll start following you guys on Twitter: that's the least I can do as a mark of gratitude.

I'll keep you guys posted on the solutions I'll try. I hope to see some that supports French! ^_^

Thanks again!

Nickolas Simard
Multimedia integrator: Strategy & Web development

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